New Game!

Sup, I am an independent Game desighner, programmer, & artist.
-I love making games-
I love ​games so much, that I decided to make them.
I love ​games so much I deceided to make them playable from ​any-platform.
I love ​games so much that I make some ​free to play.
I love making ​games that I've decided to take your game ​ideas and make them come true.

  1. 70+
    Games to be made
  2. Assets
    I make textures, animations and other visual assets.
  3. Tips
    Need help on game development, I got you covered.
  4. Dev
    I am committed to developing light games for all devices.
  1. The 70+ Games coming soon.
    15 Nov, 2016
    The 70+ Games coming soon.
    The 70+ Game Ideas to be made.
  2. New Game on Development
    13 Nov, 2016
    New Game on Development
    Fallen the new game.​
  3. Six Great Tips for an Excellent Blog
    06 Aug, 2015
    Six Great Tips for an Excellent Blog
    Many website owners have learned that keeping content fresh keeps visitors returning, a Blog therefore is one of our greatest marketing assets. Giving your visitors good content every day or every week can be very difficult, the tips below will help you write content and say the right sort of things. Some sound advice on successful blogging  Tips for maintaining a great blog  When writing consider the Blog’s objective. Perhaps you have started a Blog as a news tool to inform visitors about